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There’s no WordPress problem that’s too small or too big for our expert detectives to solve. While we are all-around WordPress experts, we especially love:


Sites break for a number of reasons. Some are obvious, and others require the detective work of a WP Sleuth. We will figure out what’s causing your WordPress site to have functional problems, errors, or a complete melt-down, then we’ll fix it so you can get your site back up in no time.

Some common WordPress issues and errors WP Sleuth detectives fix include:

  • Broken or missing WordPress images and links
  • SSL security encryption problems on your WordPress site
  • WordPress forms not working properly
  • WordPress form notifications and emails not being sent or received (or being flagged as spam)
  • Update issues with WordPress or WordPress plugins
  • Errors and inefficiencies caused by WordPress plugins
  • Maintenance and updates of WordPress and plugins
  • WordPress security issues such as hacks and spam

Something broken or causing errors?

Troubleshooting Technical WordPress Issues


If you’re going to tell us that you don’t need a fast website then get ready for us to say that we can’t hear you! Because everybody’s website could use a little giddy up to slicken up. It’s a well known fact that a slow site can kill your website traffic and ranking in search engine results.

Clues that something is killing your website speed:

  • Waiting for your page to load feels like you are using AOL dialup internet
  • Google is ignoring you because your site is slow as molasses
  • Customers leaving your site before seeing the good stuff

Armed with the latest investigative tools expert detectives at WP Sleuth will follow the clues, solve the case, and get search engines (and your customers) to love you again.

Slow site got you down?


Is your website just a pretty face? Nice to look at but that’s about it? Our WP Sleuth detectives can investigate your current site and workflow to find the best features and functions to enhance your site, drive longer engagement on your site, and to increase leads. Just tell us what you want to accomplish, and our WordPress detectives will find and implement the right solution for your needs and budget.

Some front-end and behind-the-scenes functionality enhancers include:

  • Contact forms, online processing forms, and complex multi-step forms
  • Online contracts
  • Call to action buttons and pop-up lead generators
  • Download options for e-books, case studies, and free guides
  • Tracking systems for call to action buttons, downloads, and leads
  • Google Analytics tracking and reporting

Need a feature?

Add WordPress Features and Functionality


Of course you want a website that gets noticed, drives visitors, and results in increased sales. Search engine optimization (SEO) has two major components, content and the technical specifications that go along with it. Content is like the body style of a car, and the technical specifications is everything else that is under the hood and inside the car. 

What’s under the hood:

WP Sleuth’s expert detectives make sure that your site’s content has the best chance of getting ranked by search engines by checking and improving its SEO tech (what’s under the hood) to include:

  • Site maps
  • Titles and metas
  • Accessibility features
  • Site link structure
  • And more.

Website not showing up in Google?


The expert WordPress detectives at WP Sleuths aim for 5 star service and satisfaction.
Read what some past clients have to say about us.


Chief Detective

Scott Schiesel is the owner and Chief Detective of WP Sleuth. He is an accomplished WordPress expert with the curiosity and persistence to find hidden problems and to fix the most challenging sites. Like a dog with a bone, Scott won’t close your case until your WordPress problem is solved.

Scott is a sought-after consultant and contributor recognized internationally for his WordPress expertise, by developers, marketers, and owners of WP themes and plugins.

Prior to starting his own company, Scott was vice president of operations for the largest wholesale lender in the world, which lent $7B per month to clients. He managed 44 employees, 18 underwriters, 20 loan processors, and 8 sales people.

Working his way up in the banking industry, Scott spent many years as a credit analyst, helping consumers and businesses get the funding they needed for their new ventures. Much like in his current role as Chief Detective at WP Sleuths, Scott excelled as a credit analyst in the banking industry, too. Having an eye for clues and paying attention to details were a large part of his role in serving clients, which came easy to him.

Through his many years as a professional in the banking and tech industries, Scott has consulted with 1,000s of clients and businesses to design creative solutions that fit their needs. He understands business models of all kinds, has visionary thinking, and is a true ace detective in solving and fixing problems. Scott has a keen ability to see finer details and recognize important patterns, where others can’t.


Client Needed a Training Portal

This particular client needed an employee training portal for a corporate site that was already in existence. They wanted a learning management system (LMS) integrated into the existing WordPress site. At the time, there was not one comprehensive LMS solution like there is today, such as Canvas or Moodle, so Scott had to combine two different plugins to make the client’s vision and feature/functionality requirements happen. The site included training modules for new hires as well as skill advancement training modules for current employees. The completed training portal included 80 hours worth of material including videos, readings, quizzes, and tests. The functionality Scott provided to the client even included a certificate at the completion of each major module and client notifications for progress and completion statuses for each employee.

Client Wanted Digital Forms & Contracts

This client wanted complex forms and contracts added to their existing site, along with third party integration into a customer relationship management (CRM) system. The client’s aim was to automate and streamline processes to save employees time and save customers the frustration of dealing with hardcopy paperwork. Scott’s detective work found the right quality plugins to deliver the necessary functionality to his client. He created the forms, with complex conditional logic, integrated functionality for pen-like signatures, and implemented form notifications and emails to meet the client’s wish to save employee time and to reduce customer frustration.


Client Had Broken Website

This client had a problem with their third party plugin not working properly. With his detective prowess and tools, Scott was on the case. What he found was that the plugin hadn’t been updated in years, and was no longer being supported by the developer for updates. The problem was that this particular plugin was unique and there were no other plugins available like it. At the same time, this plugin was essential to the client’s business, so replacing it with something else was not an option. As a WordPress expert detective, Scott dove into the developer’s plugin files, and found what had happened: updates to WordPress core functionality rendered this particular plugin unusable. This happens when plugins are no longer supported by their developers. Knowing how important this plugin was to the client, Scott found where the plugin code needed to be updated and made the proper changes to get it working.

Client Needed Online Document Collection

A customer came to Scott looking for a way to streamline their document handling. Customers were emailing documents one at a time to several different internal employees. The system was inefficient and prone to documents being misplaced. Scott was able to put a process in place where the customers were able to sign in and upload their paperwork. The paperwork was then automatically dropped into the client’s Google Drive folder. This new automated process saved employees time and without worrying that documents would get lost or buried in email inboxes. Customers were also happy as their process was expedited and without the need to resend lost documents.

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